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The Money Motivator

The Money Motivator

Money! Its one of the most emotionally charged issues of our lives. Most people are willing to give up things that are much more valuable than money in order to get more of it. Why is this so? There are lots of old sayings about money, but I find this one more interesting. "Money isnít everything, but itís up there with oxygen".

The reason its so important is the simple fact that we need it to survive. But like oxygen is to much of a good thing bad for us? The first key to wealth is in your attitude. A positive attitude to money is always a good start. However the critical key to wealth is understanding the magic that surrounds money. The mystery about money is hard to explain but it is true. "Money attracts money."

Wealthy people experience this magic regularly. Poor people don't. The reason poor people donít experience this is because they donít save. You donít have to save much, but you do have to do it regularly. All it takes is to save 10% of anything that you earn. Put it away like it doesnít exist. Do this for a year and you will start to see your money attracting other money you may never think existed. The longer you do this the more it occurs. We donít know how this happens but trust me it works.

So now you know the secret to wealth. Most people donít bother. They think "yer right as if". But, you will always find they donít have much money. What are you going to do about?

If you want to be an entrepreneur here are a few tips. Never give up on you dream. (O have a dream first). Real important is to get the right attitude. Then in your business you need to find something of very little value and then convert that into something of significantly greater value. Once you have this, you will be on your way to real wealth.

Posted by: Lenno_J, 13 Mar 2006

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