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Melbourne Shuffle goes global

Melbourne Shuffle goes global

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Late 1980’s in the underground clubs and dusty floors of desolate warehouses the summer of love hits the Melbourne scene, infecting a small selection of Melbournites with an addictive repetitious sound known as Techno.

Instead of lining the bar these Melbournites now lined the dance floor of underground clubs such as Maze, Pure, Razor and Commerce House unknowingly contributing to the evolution of a new dance form steadily growing beneath, “Raves” had arrived.

2004 Melbourne thrives, now having one of the strongest “Rave” scenes in the entire world, the cream of international acts frequent events of 20,000 eager party-goers dressed in caps, hooded jumpers and elaborately decorated pants known as “Phatties”.

Underground clubs are no more with dance clubs of all genres littering Melbourne’s CBD catering for the new classified sounds of breaks, hard dance, trance and everything in-between.

But something’s remain the same as you venture through the crowded dance floor and notice as the crowd parts and you lay stunned… for this is the first time you discover a “Rocker” demanding dance space and commanding your attention, seamlessly gliding across the dance floor with angelic prowess.

An epidemic has hit Melbourne and has survived ever since it’s small beginnings in Melbourne’s underground, the now world famous ‘Melbourne Shuffle’ is flourishing.

Known as “Rocking” to the Melbourne locals this revolutionary dance has no set steps or textbooks to follow, it’s a raw self-expression that releases the dancer into euphoria, the spiritual experience of entering a trance that can only be reached by loosing yourself in the hypnotic baselines belted out by sub-sonic sound systems.

Each dancer is driven by individuality and this translates into every dancer moving differently incorporating the shuffling of the feet, running man, liquid, psychedelic, robotic and even mime movements to communicate who they are, how they feel and what they’re about.

As the lasers and smoke surround the dancers, they dance for themselves not for competition encouraging the beginners around them; they are all equal; the entire crowd unified “dancing to same rhythm, the same beat, riding the frequency wave”.

Three retired “Rockers” appear from smoke and lasers known as Underground Epidemic Productions (UEP) armed with passion, a digital camera and portable light they have a mission to capture the dance they love before the ideals above were lost in the ignorant commercialisation beginning to bear it’s ugly head. Using guerrilla-style footage recon UEP brings the audience directly in amongst the dancers so you can feel the intensity, touch the atmosphere and join the euphoria in their first production “Melbourne Shuffler” OUT NOW! (for stockists visit

This groundbreaking DVD is taken from the ultimate insiders perspective, shot over 2yrs exploring every crevice of the Melbourne scene from small illegal doofs in rainforests to large music festivals, castles, intimate clubs to super clubs wherever there where “Rockers” UEP followed. Not only did they follow with camera in hand but microphone interviewing Melbourne’s dancers exploring their inner workings ie. Why they dance, describing their influences and style, life perspective and spiritual attributes of dancing the way they do.

Not forgetting the “Rave Conductors” UEP sought out an eclectic group of DJ’s nationally and internationally ranging from; the flamboyant x-metal head performers Lab-4; to one of the most famous dancers ever, now DJ, Leeroy Thornhill formerly of Supergroup the Prodigy; to outspoken Nukleuz front man Ed Real; and Quietly spoken Pascal Feliz from Holland, all bringing their own angle and opinions on the shuffle, the practice of dancing and dance culture.

Not to be left out Melbourne DJ’s from all corners of Melbourne representing psy, techno, acid techno, trance, hard dance and hard house, male and female, step forward and fly their crews flag and tell their stories and opinions on the most dynamic and robust dance style, since the birth of break dancing in New York.

Encompassing the Melbourne dance, the Melbourne scene UEP had to only encompass the Melbourne sound by hunting shamelessly through the Melbourne nightlife and rising from the ashes with tunes that demand global recognition bouncing from live acid-tek to breaks, psy, hip hop and hard dance with the same gliding ease as the dancers they paint with sound.

Gathering archive footage from the early nineties of underground clubs to illegal parties in Footscray warehouses UEP trace back the roots of the Shuffle interviewing some of the early pioneers such H20 and Richie Rich, who tell the simple tale of how the shuffle began and describe the birth of the culture from their eyes.

The DVD has already succeeded in dropping the jaws of reviewers and audiences alike providing a dance culture experience never before seen or even thought of. This DVD is the “Rave Dance Bible” that will make you laugh, make you think and make you put on your dancing shoes and begin the search for the physical and mental nirvana only one frequency away.

Main Feature – 78 mins
Special Features – 220 mins
Multi-Angle Mixing Tips with Master Kaos, A Day In The Life Of A Dj with Ben Kakoschke, Party Organisation Advice, Extra Dance Footage, Extra Interview, Red Light Raving, Old School Clip (early 90’s) and VJ Animation

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Posted by: Rushn Network, 12 Mar 2006

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