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Top Ten Things You Should Not Say to a DJ

Top Ten Things You Should Not Say to a DJ

At Godskithen last weekend, i met a man called Benny-Boy (pictured in the photo on the right!)- who gave me some words of wisdom of what Not to say to a DJ' ... have a read and a chuckle!

1. Play something good…… something we can dance to!
The DJ has to play for more than one person, so what you hate may be another’s favourite song and EVERYTHING played can be danced to one way or another.

2. Would you play something with a “beat”. Be serious! We know of NO songs played that don’t have some sort of a beat!

3. I don’t know who sings it and I don’t know the name of the song, but it goes like this….. Please don’t sing for the DJ. They have to put up with smoke filled rooms and dangerous decibel levels all night long. Do them a favour and DON”T give them a rendition of your favourite song.

4. Everybody wants to hear it! Oh sure….. you polled everyone in the club or party and as their spokesperson you’re requesting the song.

5.Everybody will dance if you play it! The DJ won’t. That blows a hole in your argument.

6. I want to hear it next. The ONLY people who can get away with that statement write the DJ’s pay check.

7. What do you have? It’s a lot easier for you to go another beer and figure out what you want to hear than it is for the DJ to recite every name of every CD.

8. Hey man, nobody can dance to this! It’s not advisable to say this to a DJ when the dance floor is packed (but some people do anyway) HOWEVER even if there is only ONE person on the floor, it still contradicts the statement.

9. Play it soon, because we’re leaving! If you’re going to leave after the DJ plays it, then why shouldn’t he or she wait until the last song so you can stay all night!…..But our ride is here to pick us up!.. Then ask them in for a drink!

10. I can get lucky if you play it! Why settle for one night? Go and buy the album and get lucky for the whole month.

Special Note:
Try to be specific in what you say to the DJ. We are always more than willing to play your requests. Just remember that your song may not be the right one to play at that particular time. A DJ sometimes gets very little respect. They are expected to play everything for everybody. It is impossible to satisfy all the people al the time but we do our best. If a radio DJ tells his listeners a song is a hit, the majority of the people figure he must be right “because they say so on the radio”. However, 80% of the time the same song being played in a club long before radio discovered it. So give the DJ a break! The next time you request a song, stop and think before you speak. And above all… if the DJ has the headphones on and looks like he is mixing, please don’t bug him.

Source: Benny Boy

Posted by: bek, 11 Oct 2007

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